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What and who could you be if you stopped adapting to dysfunction?

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

If I had to summarise in one question the essence of what I do, that’s the question: What and who could you be if you stopped adapting to dysfunction?

An artist painting on a huge canvas

I see so many people who are clearly resilient, creative, and able to adapt, learn, and achieve. I couldn’t help but feel that so much talent, potential and energy is being wasted every day, propping up workplaces that tolerate/reward bullying and overwork, romantic partners who need parenting, cultural norms that conflate maturity with repression of emotions, etc.

And here’s the rub: Many of us “accept” those things because of our schemas (life-traps), because we haven’t seen or been modelled better alternatives, because we don’t know where and how else we can attain some semblance of safety and belonging.

The good news is that these are all solvable. The bad news is that nobody can do it for you. Sure, I can shine a light and walk with you, but you’ve still got to walk yourself, and yes, it’s not all smooth terrain. Still, it’s probably a more enjoyable process than you’d imagine, we’ll probably laugh a lot along the way, and you’ll probably love the view when you get there (wherever “there” is for you).

Happy Friday.


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