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Mel, with a King Charles Spaniel


to edit the stories you tell yourself, upgrade your internal operating system, and build a life well lived

Here’s the thing ...

Many of us millennials grew up before people talked much about mental and social fitness (and in some cultures, it’s still not talked about). We’ve had caregivers, teachers, and bosses with their own unhealed wounds, inadvertently perpetuating traumatic conditions.

Add in societal norms that overvalue intellectual and economic achievements, systemic oppression, lack of awareness of neurodiversity ... Is it any wonder that many of us are left with a kind of psychological malnutrition, some wonky beliefs, and a lot of shame and guilt and mean voices in our heads?

We can change that. And yes, that includes you.


It’s never too late to reap the benefits of a consistently safe, growth-fostering environment and develop the #CoreHumanSkills we all need to thrive. We can look at what no longer serves you and distinguish between values you inherited and values that are truly yours. We can work with the brain you’ve got, not against it. You can thrive and not just survive. Where would you like to start?

Brush Strokes



Building a work life that feels as good as it looks – because you’re more than your achievements

Image by Steve Johnson

Mental Health


Healing from trauma, anxiety, depression, and more [Coming in Fall/Autumn 2024]

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Developing healthy relationships – including with yourself and with friends

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👋🏽 Hi, I’m Mel! 🇬🇧🇺🇸🇭🇰🏳️‍🌈

I’m a software developer and copywriter/translator turned professional coach and trainee counsellor/psychotherapist. I’ve spent my whole career creating and editing, designing and building, synthesising knowledge from different domains and translating ideas into action. 

​Turns out those skills and experiences are just as helpful when applied to our own lives! I’ve turned my life around and grown so much from my complex-trauma recovery and ongoing inner work. Happiness really is an inside job. I only wish I’d had the right help earlier in my life.

There’s so much good knowledge out there that’s not reaching the people who could use it (while a lot of misinformation proliferates, sigh). I want to help people learn just enough, when they need it, in ways that they can easily understand and find relevant, with tailored applications that fit their contexts. How would you like me to help you on your journey of growth and wellbeing?

Watercolor Plants

What could you gain?

My clients have:

  • Negotiated higher pay/rates (70%+) and other benefits

  • Found more fulfilling jobs that help them grow

  • Grown their business with less stress and reversed their path to burnout

  • Enjoyed deeper relationships at home and at work – ones characterised by healthy communication, give-and-take, boundaries, and interdependence

  • Built a new life in a new country, with more ease and joy

  • Pursued their dream of going back to school and living abroad

  • Saved money because they stopped using drinking, shopping, or superficial ‘self-care’ as temporary relief

  • Freed up time and energy because they stopped saying yes to things they really wanted to say no to

  • Learned to motivate themselves without using fear or shame, and turned their inner critic into their friend

  • Expanded their tolerance for frustration, disappointment, uncertainty – the whole range of human experiences

  • Developed a growth mindset and healthy habits that really work for them and that they can carry on building upon without me! (Yes, I’m here to work myself out of a job as soon as possible!)

Hot Air Balloons
“Not only did I find a new job that I am really excited about, I also managed to get a significant salary increase. ... We were able to work both on the practical and psychological aspects of job searching and prioritise each session according to my needs at the time, which really allowed me to progress quickly.”

Business Development Manager

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Like what you’ve seen so far? Let’s have a chat and see if there’s a fit. I’m not sales-y, I promise!

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